Demo Reel

A quick edit of some of the motion design and video projects I’ve worked on over the past five years - both at Cypress Consulting and Ratio.

Problems viewing it here? Give vimeo a try or download an MP4 here: HD | SD

If you have any questions on my roles in any of the projects shown here, feel free to shoot me an email or check the work section for additional info.

By the way, my name is Rick Doucette. I do motion design, along with UX and some UI design too. This is my first attempt at a responsive website, so feel free to have a look around, kick the tires, and take one of the videos for a quick test drive. Thanks for swinging by!

I worked with UI designer Aaron Johnson at Ratio to produce this brief promotional video for the Books I Love iOS app.

I worked with editor Meme Ellis and executive producer Roy Matich to produce an agency reel video for Cypress Consulting.