Event Visuals - Tall

DC Productions
Role: Motion Design | Live Switching

A couple of times in 2008 I created content for triple-tall sets of screens with the DC Productions crew.

For the National Youth Conference and Fine Arts Festival in Charlotte, NC, I created some theme loops and other miscellaneous content that was three screens high. For the Fine Arts award show on the last evening, I made titles for each of the categories and played them back while each category was announced (one of them being Spanish Female Vocal Solo).

One major hiccup at this event was that the house power failed several times during our initial setup and testing. Because one of my PCs was rebooting between two of the outages, the OS was hosed, and the computer didn't survive any attempts to fix it *sigh*. I ended up using the brand new PC that I had brought along as a backup, and had to switch software and work around a lot of other issues the day before the event started.

Because we were using a Matrox Triple Head2Go to send signals into a matrix switcher, I had a master grid comp set up in After Effects to mock up the basic triple-tall layout with gaps to compensate for the screen breaks, then re-worked that into a triple wide render comp for playback.

We used a similar setup for the Northwest Youth Conference in October 2008, with two sets of triple-tall screens on each side of the stage.