Hello. My name is Rick and I like to paddle around in a kayak. When I'm not paddling, I like to do Motion Design, along with UX and a wee bit of UI Design.

I grew up in Bellingham, WA, USA. Lived there up through my mid-twenties, with the exception of going to college in Kirkland for a couple years. In fall of 1997 I moved to Everett to take a multimedia + print design job at a church (Bethany Christian Assembly). Worked there for seven years—the last several as Multimedia Director (I slowly phased out of print to focus on video and media presentations).
Live Event Visuals
Around 2002, towards the end of my Everett era, I began working with Jerry Dahlberg of DC Productions for various freelance projects. Most of these projects revolved around background visuals for concerts and other events, and ranged from single screen SD to multi-screen HD setups. I continued to work with Jerry for roughly a decade.

At the end of 2004 I began working at Screenlife Games as a Motion Designer. The first few months I was contracting through Jerry / DC; I was hired to work at Screenlife full time in May 2005. While there I worked on several editions of their SceneIt DVD game, as well a few other projects. I also worked part time as Media Director for a small church in Lake Stevens during this era, as well as continued some freelance work through Jerry / DC.
In January 2009 I took a job as Interactive Designer at Cypress Consulting. Initially I tried to learn XAML and C#, but as the company grew I was able to focus more on UX + UI design. I was also the go-to guy for any motion design and video projects we landed. A couple years in my role was bumped up to Senior Interactive Designer.
In August 2013, Cypress Consulting merged with Ratio Interactive to form “Ratio.” I have continued on at Ratio as Senior Interactive Designer, and have been fortunate enough to work on a few motion design projects in these first few months.

I enjoy sea kayaking and try to spend a few weekends each summer camping and paddling up in the San Juan Islands. I also try to sneak away to Hawaii as often as possible.

Thanks for reading,