Event Visuals

DC Productions
Role: Motion Design | Live Switching

For roughly a decade I collaborated with Jerry Dahlberg and the DC Productions crew to produce visuals for live events--primarily youth conferences and concerts.

Detroit 2010 National Youth Conference and Fine Arts Festival
Most of these events were multi-screen using various combinations of computers, matrix switchers, projectors and other video gear. We used Matrox Triple Head2Go with Visual Jockey, Media Shout and Pro Video Player for many of the triple-wide-screen events.
Jerry Dahlberg powering up projectors at Nitro 3
For simpler events (or as a backup source or to show longer videos with audio), I typically burnt DVDs to run through a video mixer. The matrix switchers and mixers gave us the flexibility of sending any source to any screen. I also VJ'd at several electronic music events using this type of setup.
Comp to illustrate stage screens and balloon configuration
For some of the more complicated setups we used an iMac running Pro Video Player as a master of six Mac mini slaves, then run through a matrix switcher / router. This went to a set of three screens above the stage and three balloons that were suspended from the ceiling above the audience.
Mock-up of the screens + stage configuration at the 2008 Youth Conference + Fine Arts Festival
Since the screen configurations were different for most of the shows, with various playback methods, a lot of prep-work and rendering was done in After Effects. This allowed me to see the content for all screens, and render discreet content for various computers. For some examples of this, have a look at the video at the top of this page or check out this page for triple-tall event visuals.
DC Productions crew with one of the Detroit Fine Arts Festival ice sculpturesme posing with the FAF ice queen
The DC Productions crew hanging with one of the ice sculptures of the 2010 Fine Arts Festival in Detroit