Nitro 3 - Kids' Conference

Northwest Children's Ministry
Role: Motion Design | Live Switching

In spring of 2007 I designed a bunch of logo / theme video loops for Nitro 3: Zero Gravity, as well as created three countdown videos to kickoff each session.

Jerry Dahlberg powering up projectors at Nitro 3
The theme "Zero Gravity" was focused on astronauts and space travel. One side of the stage had a rocket, while our video mixing and tech area was on the other side - dressed up to resemble a NASA control room. It was the only event I've been a part of where I was on stage the whole time (not a big fan :)
I used the--- Cycore Mr. Mercury plugin in After Effects to create floating liquid blobs for the logo loops. We also integrated a lot of NASA footage into the videos shown before each session.
Using footage shot by myself and others during the event, I edited a recap video to be shown the morning after the conference wrapped. I also provided a better edit of the event a couple weeks later to help promote future events.
Some of the slower loops omitted the blobs and just used noise, stars and/or nebulae.