80s Pop Culture SceneIt

DVD Game by Screenlife
Role: Motion Design

I collaborated with designer Nick Saad to create motion design elements for the 80's Pop Culture edition of Screenlife's SceneIt the DVD Game.

Nick led the project, and I designed the backgrounds and concepted several of the puzzles (mini games on the DVD). I modeled an arcade game cabinet and animated it in 3DS Max (for a puzzle that was pulled from the final version of the product). I also animated an oldskool Atari 2600 style joystick and integrated it into the Bogus Bits puzzle.
Along with pretty much everything shown in the video above, I also tackled a bunch of the miscellaneous clips for the interactive DVD. The retro-3D space invader tie-breaker (including tons of permutations) took quite a bit of time and planning, but was very fun to create.
Phun facts: Initially we had the rights from Namco to integrate elements from their oldskool arcade games into our designs and puzzles. They withdrew that offer and most of those bits were purged by Nick and co later before the product was (finally) released.