Windows 8 Promo

Cypress Consulting
Role: Motion Design

During some downtime circa fall 2012 I made this promo video to highlight the UX and UI design of our Windows 8 applications.

This video features the FOX TV Windows 8 app that I designed (both UX and UI); IGN / IPL designed by Toan; Slacker Radio designed by Scott. There was another app I helped design featured in this video at one point (it's about 20 megs if you'd like a peek :)
One of the quickest--and trickiest--transitions in this video is right after the opening logos. Basically I took the app map for FOX TV and broke it up by element type in Illustrator, then imported into After Effects, spreading the elements out in Z-space...
Then the wireframes slide up from the app map, then slide + fade to become the UI comps for the home screen. I was relatively happy with how this and the snap view transition for IGN / IPL came together.