FrightPix Xbox 360 App

Screen Media Horror Channel
UX + UI Design | Motion Design

The video above is a brief segment from the Cypress Xbox promo video - edited to show just the FrightPix segment.

With our existing Xbox 360 app for PopcornFlix and our CypressX framework as the foundation, I created an app map and wireframes for Screen Media's horror channel.
I also handled the UI design, delivering three alternate color schemes and backgrounds. Fortunately the client selected my favorite of the three, which blended Rorschach inkblot-inspired background elements with blood spatter.
The focus state for the genre tiles swaps each of the sepia toned images for a stylized red image. This feature was integrated into the CypressX framework so it can be reused in other Xbox 360 apps.
An excerpt from one of the intermediate design decks - showing the different palette options and tile states for two of the designs.
Here's a comp from one of the alternate design options.

Fun fact: a photo of the floor of our building's elevator is one layer of the background for this comp.
Still from the Xbox promo video - shows part of the splash screen background building layer by layer - with copius amounts of fake blood splatter :)