Humpback Whales

Makena, Maui - January 26, 2014
Role: Kayaking :)

I spent a few days on Maui in late January of this year. The last two days I was there I did some kayaking at Olowalu and Makena. Saw lots of humpack whales at both spots.

I launched from Makena Landing early the morning of January 26 with hopes of seeing some humpbacks on the water. Saw several whales near other boats for a couple hours, then a pair began swimming straight towards my kayak.
Both whales kept swimming towards me, and each surfaced within 15 feet of my kayak. Diving down right underneath me. Felt just a wee bit small... but it was an amazing experience.
This was the best sunset I saw this trip--taken from Hawi on the north end of the Big Island. Later that night I was hit with a gnarly stomach flu, so the rest of the trip was a bit rough.