Nitro 4 - Kids' Conference

Northwest Children's Ministry
Role: Motion Design | Live Switching

In spring of 2008 I designed a bunch of logo / theme video loops for Nitro 4: H2O, as well as created three countdown videos to kickoff each session.

Most of the video loops combine Fractal Noise with Caustics to mimic water and reflections. Some distort and blur the logo elements with the "waves" - and a couple other loops were made with the Foam plugin to simulate bubbles floating up in liquid.
A tricky element of the stage/screen configuration was that there was a mix of 4:3 and 16:9 screens. So I rendered both standard and widescreen versions of most of the themed event loops.
While this year (2008) was the last year I ran the background visuals for the event, I continued to assist with content creation for the next few years as themes were revisited.