Seinfeld SceneIt

DVD Game by Screenlife
Role: Motion Design Lead

I collaborated with designer Dana Hogenson and production designer Jonathan Olabre to tackle all motion elements of the Seinfeld edition of the SceneIt DVD game.

Dana cranked out a ton of static comps for the main menu and game menu. He also put together some backgrounds and a couple concept sequences (that I later integrated into the intro and win sequences for the game). Jonathan helped polish some of the 3d objects & helped with some of the puzzles, as well as prepped some of the After Effects projects for production.
I concepted and designed the bulk of the mini-game "puzzles" - which included some modeling and animation in 3DS Max, as well as a ton of work in After Effects. I also led the project from a motion design standpoint, tackling many of the miscellaneous elements for the interactive DVD.
Fun facts: I modeled, textured and animated the faux Milk Duds box and milk carton from "Hogenson Family Farms" (as shout-out to Dana Hogenson). The tomato soup "Spellbinders" puzzle was originally a bowl of Alphabet cereal with milk; the bubbling of the soup seemed more natural and worked better in the end.