Simpsons SceneIt

DVD Game by Screenlife
Role: Motion Design Lead

I collaborated with designers Angela Warren and Joe Randazzo to create motion design elements for the Simpsons edition of the SceneIt DVD game.

I concepted and designed the bulk of the mini-game "puzzles" - which included a ton of work in After Effects. I also modeled and animated a "Squishee" timer in 3DS Max. I also led the project from a motion design standpoint, tackling many of the miscellaneous elements for the interactive DVD.
Since my pal Angie had a lot of experience with 3DS Max, she tackled the trickier 3D elements like the Duff Goggles and a pink sprinkled donut timer (client chose the Squishee timer in the end) and fleshed out the design of a couple puzzles. Joe designed a bunch of backgrounds and designed a puzzle or two himself.
Due to significant delays (with client approvals, etc.), I ended up switching jobs before the game was finished and didn't get to see the final win sequence. Some other elements changed a lot as the client chose to design some assets in-house *sigh* - so I've included our earlier designs in the video and thumbnails here.