Whitney Museum Artwall

Concept for a mobile artwall
Role: Motion Design

I worked with Creative Director Scott Bokma and designers Shelby Blair and Roman Pohorecki of Ratio to create a video used to pitch our concept for the Whitney Museum.

The mobile art wall will be displayed at various locations around Manhattan as the musuem relocates. The goal is for it to have both interactive and passive modes, with large screens to draw people in and a grid of tablets for information and interaction.
The concept we pitched--"Draw Yourself In"--was to utilize the camera of one of the tablets on the artwall to take a photograph. A user could then interact with a polygonal art application to create a stylized image. The screen above that tablet would show the poly art as it is being created.
I provided several animated segments for the presentation, including a couple variations of the 400+ polygons exploding out in Z-depth. The idea is that when the upper screens are in passive mode, other user's final poly art would be shown as exploding poly animations.