Windows 8 Touch Gestures

Video for Microsoft
Role: Storyboards, Direction, Motion Design

Microsoft contracted Cypress to produce a brief video demonstrating how Touch Gestures work on Windows 8 devices.

The secondary goal of this video was that it needed to match the look and feel of an existing video for mouse and trackpad interactions for Windows 8. Based on that video and the gestures the client wanted us to cover, I provided the initial script draft and intergrated the client's feedback into the storyboards.
I'm not much of a sketcher, so used InDesign and Illustrator to handle the storyboards.
Cypress designer (and resident hand model) Toan pretending to take a nap in between takes at Fremont Studios. I booked the studio through my friend Jerry Dahlberg of DC Productions (who has worked with Fremont Studios and Scott Jonas for many moons).