FOX TV mobile apps

iPhone: UX + UI Design - PDF
Android: UX + UI Design - PDF
iPad: UI Design revisions - PDF

I worked with Art Director Jim Sharon to design FOX TV mobile apps for multiple platforms, as well as assisted him with design revisions for the iPad version.

I handled all facets of design for the iPhone version of the app, from UX to UI, all the way through asset production for the dev team.
Here are a couple o' screens from the iPhone version of the app. Since our timeline was tight and both apps were designed in parallel, Cypress hired a contractor to do the initial design for the Android version of the app.
We made sufficient progress within the first couple weeks, so I completed the UX + UI for the Android version as well. Here are two comps for the Android version.
I also worked on a couple of other platforms for FOX TV - please visit the project page for Windows 8 and Xbox 360.