Windows 8 App - UX and UI Design
Xbox 360 - UI Design Revisions

The video above edits together the FOX segments from the Cypress Windows 8 and Xbox promo videos (I did the motion design for both).

There were many revisions from the initial pitch to the final version of the UX deck. I personally handled all facets of the UX + UI design for the FOX TV Windows 8 app (now called "FOX NOW"). I also got to go with our team to meet with the client down at Century City in L.A.
I was also involved with the FOX TV app for Xbox 360 (shown here) as well as for the following platforms:

• iPad - UI design revisions - PDF
iPhone - UX + UI design - PDF
Android - UX + UI design - PDF
An old alternate design concept for the Windows 8 app.