i grew up in bellingham, washington, USA. i don't always like to capitalize things. sorry.

after my munchkin years i attended whatcom community college in bellingham and northwest college in kirkland. after college, i went back to bellingham to work for a year-or-so at the church i grew up in. then moved to everett, then to seattle... mostly for work-stuff. see also the "work" page. >:O)

the fam lives up north--in bellingham & right up by the border. i usually try to make it up there once a month to hang with my mom, niece & nephew.

i like the tv show LOST a bit too much. went to hawaii to watch the season premiere, and to LA to watch the finale with my friend Angie at the Orpheum Theater. other random adventures this year: i'll be working at a youth conference in Detroit doing video stuff... then will do a grand tour of Alaska with lots of camping, hiking, & kayaking later in August... Fairbanks to Denali to Anchorage to Whittier to Juneau to Bellingham. should be a blast!

so... i survived Detroit without getting shot, and Alaska without getting mauled by wild animals. good times. sadly, though, i lost my Droid phone while kayaking near the mouth of Eagle River outside of Juneau. likely lost around 1000 photos--from Fairbanks, Denali, Anchorage, Whittier (including lots of pics from the 26 glacier cruise... the otters on ice flow blocks i think i'm the most bummed about)... even a bunch from Juneau & the ferry rides between Whittier/Juneau/Bellingham... [sigh]

here are 3 links you should visit - related to my travels so far this year:

david j. gross studios: go! - i stumbled across his work at a gallery in Sitka, Alaska, while riding the ferry down from Juneau to Bellingham last August. really wanted to buy a print or 2 there, but was afraid it might get damaged on the way. sigh.

mattson creative: go! - found his LOST inspired posters after Jorge Garcia & Sidekick 22 mentioned it on their podcast, around the same time i was heading down to LA to watch the finale with Angie. love his Dual Locke and Rabbit #8 posters, as well as the series of black & white posters for each episode of season 6.

blaise domino: go! - if you don't know by now, i [heart] kayaking. also dig retro/carto maps of places i've paddled. so someone out there should buy me one of the 28x39 hand-painted maps of the sandwich isles. i bought a small print of his map of Oahu at the Honolulu airport before flying home last February. it's neato!

^ sunset off of Alki Beach

me with an awesomely cheesey orca on Orcas Island (photo by Parker Chou)