lost a couple good buddies in the last 2 years. here are some silly pics of Chip & Chris.

made this ^ to tease my pal Chip on our old work forum... i'm a huge fan of the tv show LOST, and the forum thread was about LOST and an online ARG. this annoyed him >:O)

^ my silly hack of a snorg shirt - Chip dug this one, although i used the weirdest pic of him i could find for it...

^ Chip sent me this from his phone one day... i had just sent him a pic of a license plate cover that read "HAPPINESS IS LIVING IN HEMET" - his hometown in Cali - he had a 'stache most of the time i knew him...

^ a hairy-er-faced Senor Chipotle in his native habitat (or, uh... smoking a stogie). think this was from his myspace page too (that's where the ball one was from). although i went on a couple walks with him while he was smoking, i didn't start smoking cigars until after he passed. still seems like a nice way to remember him. *sniff*

^ i thought this was awesome. he never finished the "epic drawing of a kayaking rabbit" that he started for me, but his wife Janet gave me some of his original sketches of sharks, fish & other sea creatures.


^ closeup of a tree while hiking at Denali national park.

^ my friend Chris Salisbury, aka DJ404, with Q of Uberzone... while we were hanging out at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2004. i stayed with Chris & his wife in Palmdale for several days. lost him to cancer a year ago.

^ Chris on the Yo-Yo ride

^ Chris & Pat D

^ Chip posing for Parker, who was going to design a game token or something... can't recall.

^ Chip by a creepy fish/man sculpture at a park in washington. from his "Chum" myspace page...