some things i've worked on - or check the videos page for my outdated demo reel: go!

at Cypress:
web design:
Sony VideON (pro video channel website), just won an IMA award: go!
our interim website highlighting some Windows Phone 7 apps: go!
Isernio's sausage: go!
designed 3 sets of skinnable video players for iStream
also worked on sites for AMI (animated GIF of design comps below), ADP, Russell
i've done some motion graphics projects here, the best of which was an internal video for a dept. at Microsoft (unfortunately can't share that one). did several other demo/promo clips for Windows Mobile, MS MyPhone & Hosting Services.

AMI design comps

at Screenlife [motion graphics]:

  • Seinfeld SceneIt? go! - collaborators: Dana Hogenson & Jonathan Olabre
  • Simpsons SceneIt? go! - collabortors: Angela Warren & Joe Randazzo
  • 80s SceneIt? go! - collaborators: Nick Saad & Ethan Newberry
  • Movie2 SceneIt? go! - collaborators: Travis Metcalf & Ethan Newberry
  • Dr. Who SceneIt? (UK only... how re-tardis!) - only had a minor role with this one
  • Animal House mini-game [it was on the 30th Anniversary DVD [in the frat house box]
  • also worked on: Ice Age, Spiderman Blast, Family Guy Blast, Quip It!, Global Video/Know It All, Fisher Price InteracTV, some prototypes & random stuff, as well as design comps for a revamp of the company website

while at Screenlife, i collaborated with Nick Saad to produce some video loops for the 2008 Decibel Festival... we put together a nice selection of content for VJs to use at the multi-venue event go!

contract work for Jerry Dahlberg/DC Productions: motion graphics & multi-screen live event visuals:

  • AG Youth Conference/FAF (Austin'04; Denver'05; Orlando'06; Indy'07; Charlotte'08; Detroit'10)
  • Northwest Youth Conference (2002-2010)
  • Oregon Youth Conference (2003-2004)
  • Nitro Kids' Conference (2005-did all the promo materials that year as well); 2006-2008
  • The Gathering (2007--with David Crowder Band!--& 2008)
  • Hope Unseen book launch with Scotty Smiley (2010)

Detroit youth conference
Detroit youth conference - we also projected onto spheres hung off the sides of the stage

Detroit - Fine Arts Festival
Detroit Fine Arts Festival - we reworked the stage for the fancy award show night

national AG youth conference at Orlando'06

northwest youth conference at the sundome in yakima (triple-wide event visuals)

nitro3 kids conference - designed motion graphics for 6 screens (3 per side)

^ view from Sucia Island

Sony VideON
the Sony pro video channel site i helped design at the dayjob

the CD-case-cover/flyer for the promo DVD for the first nitro - made posters, a powerpoint preso, 4 promo videos, and some other stuff for this event

triple-tall live event visuals for the national AG youth conference/FAF in Charlotte (there were 2 sets of these--on each side of the stage)

FAF ice queen
me with the Fine Arts Festival ice queen (one of the ice sculptures for the award ceremony)

DC Productions cew
me, the ice queen, & the rest of the DC Productions crew in Detroit